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StJoanOfArcLogo2x2The project at St. Joan of Arc Church moves along.  The framing for the new addition is going up and now that demolition is complete – we can start putting everything together.  Inside the church, the skylights above the alter are being framed and covered with the tongue and groove pine boards to match the rest of the ceiling.  The alter was demo’d and a new one is being built with a choir area and new tile.

Outside, a new Community Room is being framed where there was previously a courtyard.

StJoanOfArcLogo2x2The Saint Joan of Arc Church Renovation is in the demolition phase as we do sitework in preparation for the building addition as well as take down the bell tower, and perform “surgical demolition” to the interior of the church.  We need to be careful as to not damage the pews or any of the stained glass.  The skylights in the ceiling above the alter are being removed as is a lot of the alter area.

Lenawee-Intermediate-School-DistrictEven after that recent cold snap we received last weekend, work moves quickly on the LISD Tech Center renovation project.

Exterior demolition has taken place, and once were there was asphalt, foundation block for the new building sits.

You can see the rebar and caps showing where concrete will soon be poured for the walls and floor.

New walls will be up soon.