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Posted by Mark Bickle
By Dick Berry

Toledo Area Metroparks dedicated another new park on Sunday.

The “Fallen Timbers Battlefield Metropark” is the twelfth Metropark in the Toledo Area.
The 270 acre park is in Maumee on Jerome Road.
It has a visitors center and a mile and a half walking trail with seventeen information stations telling about the important 1794 battle.

On August 20th of that year, United States troops defeated a confederation of Indian tribes allied with the British.

That led to the westward expansion of the U.S. and eventual statehood for Ohio.

“This battle really opened up settlement for Ohio but also for the rest of the area in the Northwest Territory to settlement for white settlers,” said Ms. Rozick.

The fighting here didn’t last long, even surprising historians who studied the battle.

“How fast one 45 minute battle and one 45 minute event can change the course of history,” said Janet Rozick of the Fallen Timbers Battlefield Commission.

The Metroparks have been working on opening the new park for years.

“This is a very special place in a very special part of Ohio history and American history. If they come away feeling they’ve walked on sacred ground, we’ve achieved our goal,” said Scott Carpenter with Toledo Metroparks.

The park is open every day from 7 A.M. until dusk with no admission fee.

More Information:  WBRC