Lenawee-Intermediate-School-DistrictSteel has been delivered to the LISD Tech Center and erection begins.

During a routine site visit this morning, the steel is starting to be erected, and the supports for the decking are being installed.

A crew of masons hit the ground at daybreak to start laying brick, enclosing the walls so we can get an enclosed building.

It may have rained for the last few days, but we’re taking advantage of the drier weather.

Lenawee-Intermediate-School-DistrictEven after that recent cold snap we received last weekend, work moves quickly on the LISD Tech Center renovation project.

Exterior demolition has taken place, and once were there was asphalt, foundation block for the new building sits.

You can see the rebar and caps showing where concrete will soon be poured for the walls and floor.

New walls will be up soon.

Harp Contractors has been awarded the contract for the renovation of St. Joan of Arc  School and Church on Heatherdowns in southern Toledo, OH.

This project includes minor interior demolition, interior build-outs, additions, new structure, roofing, doors/frames & hardware, bathroom renovations, plumbing, electrical, earthwork, and landscaping.

Renovations to begin shortly.


ftr_athleticsTaking advantage of the nice weather towards the end of the winter season, we’ve been able to make great strides forward in the construction of the Sports Complex.  Rough grading is complete, footers poured, and we are moving forward with the concrete slab and elevator shafts.

With Spring right around the corner and the warmer weather that comes with it, visible progress should move quickly.